Changed the sheets on my bed so I had a shower. Those are the rules

And it fecking rocks


I rarely change my sheets. Brushing teeth can be hard. I can have showers though and wear clean clothes. By the way “fecking” is a good word :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah it is pretty acceptable to say feck over here because a tv show ‘father ted’ first used it! Is a funny word!

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The woman from the care agency make sure my bedding is changed every 2 weeks. This is a big improvement on how things were when I was living in Essex. I could go 6 months or more without doing so then.A mixture of poor motivation/this just requires too much effort and struggling to put the cover on the duvet.

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Yeah this is my first bed change in a while. My mum showed me a great way to put the duvet cover on. Is hard to explain but works really well


Strangely I think everybody should have white sheets… That way their easier to bleach. Sure there’s colorsafe bleach but I don’t think it works as good. Strangely last time I washed my striped sheets I just used the sulphate kind of detergent and the came out pretty clean. Dont know why.

I’ve pissed the bed before. I just thought everyone should know that.


I need to wash my sheets. I haven’t washed them in about 2 months. I’m so awful at remembering.

I wash my sheets every Monday,

It gets my bed clean and forces me to take a shower if I haven’t already.

Usually I haven’t already,

So it works.

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I shower daily and wash my bedding weekly.

i need a deep clean lol

i keep my bedding clean but i usually need a wash, has been a couple of weeks, i know when i need a wash when my head starts to itch lol

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Good job matey! I recently redid my room and I even make my bed every morning now! It’s neat and organized over what it was so I think it’s good to maintain the rage!

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I recently moved to a new apartment so, I finally washed my sheets. I hadn’t done so in about over a year. I take a bath once a week. I wash my hair once a week too. I brush my teeth daily. I change my clothes once a week with my bath.

Holy cow u must smell lol

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