Changed my sexuality.. is that possible? or is that really me

i’m straight. i would only ever be in a romantic relationship with a male, i know i’m still interested in them because my boyfriend is everything to me. AND i’m still sexually attracted to him. but recently aside from him the only people i find physically attractive are girls. before i felt this way i had done things with girls they just never really meant anything but that i was bored. but now sometimes in order to be in the mood for him i have to think about girls first or i won’t be like turned on. i’ve only felt this way recently. has anyone else experienced this?

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Sometimes SZ can cause such thoughts for me but it won’t make you change your sexual orientation. When I was without meds with psychosis I made a gay friend but was never attracted sexually to him. My brothers told me I am crazy because straight ppl don’t have gay friends.

Straight people don’t have gay friends? That’s just silly.


I don’t know that’s what they told me. They have gay coworkers but not friends. They won’t go hangout with homosexuals.

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That’s ridiculous. Gay and straight people hang out all the time


I am ok with it but arabs don’t think that way. In Saudi Arabia they are racist against homosexuals and sometimes they are jailed if they are known. Its sad.

Your brothers are probably conservative. They wouldn’t disown you for having gay friends would they?

Anyways that friend told me that he’s gay on FB and he wants to date me. I said no because I am not homosexual. He then deleted and blocked me.

Funny thing is that he was arab too.

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I thought you were from Syria? Anyway I would presume that your brothers’ are just conservatives

Yes, I am from Syria, that old friend was Egyptian. All arabs especially those living in the middle east see homosexuality as a sin.

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Your friend who wants to date you is Arab? That’s brave. Is he also living in Canada?

Yes I was hanging a lot with him when I began having SZ until that happened.

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@DearZombie. The Arabic culture is very conservative as Aziz said homosexuality is illegal in Saudi Arabia

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Sad and backward.


I brough him once to my home and my family was mad at me.

Anyways, back to OP topic.

Maybe you’re bisexual? I know a girl who dated a guy and a girl at the same time. Some ppl discover that later in life. Its completely normal.

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When I had my psychotic episode it was concurrent with the profound realization that I was gay and fancied my male friend.

But at the same time, the psychotic part was that I found a giant female simulation inside me, that was fabulating, ventriloqusing, or having a sort of fantasy about myself. This nested realisation, that the female part of me was only a simulation, turned me off being gay. I went back to women and after a few more girlfriends, now 30 years later I am married these past 19 years, with two children and don’t feel the need to look back.

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Maybe you’re bi and you’re just in a time of your life where you fancy girls more?
I’m pan, which is basically almost the same as bi, and I find my preferences fluctuate a little depending on various things


@Jordanabc, Years and years ago, when I was married to a man, I loved my husband but I was sexually attracted to girls. My husband let me look at girly magazines while we were having sex. That helped me a lot.

After we were divorced, I switched to women and almost never looked back. I’ve been with my current woman for the past 15 and a half years.