Changed my profile pic

I like black cats and don’t think they are bad luck. I thought this one was a really nice illustration.


I like your new profile pic. It has something funny about it and yet still classy.


Thanks @Jonathan2. I couldn’t resist this one.

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Yeah I like your new avatar pic also @ElGato

I recently added a new avatar also

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Thanks Wave. 1515

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I just hope nobody finds a black cat offensive, spooky, or something else.

I think it’s nice :blush:

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Having worked at Petco, I know black cats are frequently subject to cruelty and abuse because of superstitions about them and such, especially at Halloween time. I think this is awful.

It looks like the above was just rumors

Well, I like my new profile picture so much, I going to pay them for a canvas picture of it to hang on the wall. I guess I need to treat myself every once in a while.