CHANGE THE WORLD. Is this correct auto suggestion when I am completely hopeless? Advice please

CHANGE THE WORLD. Is this correct auto suggestion when I am completely hopeless? Advice please.

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This girl is the best. I simply fell in love with her.

we can change the world once we change our self …Sup my man way 12go …!!!

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I don’t like girls as partners, I prefer boys, or alone.


Change World is what you mean…

CHANGE THE WORLD, means particular World

not the only World, but any World.

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my english is flat way …!!! UR english is good…!!! i like it…!!!

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Mine is bad too, actually I am able to communicate here and there for a little while, that is all.

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Actually my Brain is bad, if my brain is good then English would have followed suite.

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Okay, see you later. I am so disconnected and I can’t stay even for a minute any where.

I’ve used “Relate to your surroundings.”

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I got the solution…



by Sagar Gorijala.

Don’t be moved, move it.

Don’t let the Brain be moved, use it to move the World.

This is best, but the problem is, we need out of the box thinking.

Relate to the surroundings probably means no Internet usage. I live in India, a nation with poor people.

C ya later. Brain is out…

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Got the solution:

Auto suggestion is…

Your thoughts are everything.

And, yes most of my Brain doesn’t work and the small percentage that

works is something out of control, as if it doesn’t exist,

as if a pre-programed machine / robot is typing.

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@anon93437440 I feel exacytly like you!
As if a robot is typing!
You are not alone!

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We are individuals, we are different.

We humans are

partly same ( sharing same code )

partly similar ( having 5 fingers etc; )

partly different ( when we are partly different, we are labeled as different? )

Yes, we share the problems because we are Human family

with the same disorder with few variations, I guess.

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I love you @anon93437440!:heart_eyes:
I agree that we all are one big family( humanity) and we share a lot of similarities.

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Thanks for the post.

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Conclusion: You maybe mentally healthy or unhealthy,

but " Your thoughts are everything ".