Change of routine

This is a question especially for,but not exclusively.those who are or may be on the spectrum.

How well do you cope with a change in routine? I’ve got into the routine of going supermarket shopping on a Sunday morning. However next Friday my stepdaughter and granddaughters are going on a week’s holiday.

That means I either have to do an online shop, or my stepdaughter will take me shopping on Thursday.

This is throwing me a little as I am so used to shopping based on Sunday to Sunday. I’m wary of doing an online shop as I don’t know whether they know how to get to the flat, and I struggle to give directions.


this is my son to a T

he knows everything he’s going to do that day

and he talks about it, and if it doesn’t happen

he gets all upset. I don’t like it when Phil

wants to eat supper at like 3 o’clock in the afternoon

since I take my meds with a meal, right before going to bed.

I got in the habit of eating late, by living with my dad.

anyway, maybe you can make a list and they can get it for you

and you just stay home on Sunday.


I’m sort of a scheduled girl too but not real strict. I do so like to stray off my course quite a bit.


I’ve always found change hard to cope with.


I hate changes to my routine as meaningless as it is.


I definately like my routines too.

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Im the opposite - i cant possibly create routines. Every time i do something i have to think it through anew. It never gets into my system. Im way too flexible in such things. It is one of those things that is the complete opposite to autistic behaviour in me and makes me doubt the earlier autism diagnosis and wonder wth it is then that makes the world so intense and information processing so hard (ADD? Just sz?).


A reply from someone on another forum.

That describes it perfectly. My executive functioning, especially organising and planning, isn’t good.


I think online shopping has developed quite a bit. You needn’t worry about delivery boys not finding your location. Just fill in the address without any further instructions.

Yes, change can be difficult for me too. And I am not on the spectrum (I think). After all, my sz developed after changing country, diet and sports regimen. But in hindsight, I suspect the worst could have been avoided if only I had paid attention to what my soul - not body - really needed: some acceptance and some unconditional love. Instead I was aiming for quick sex and failing to get it :rofl:

I’m not a huge fan of change, thus the stress of the last five months of my life. I can function in spite of a change, but it is mentally draining.

I’m guessing you’re not familiar with how good current navigating apps are. Give them your address and flat number and you’re golden.


Same here. I remember going into a classroom in high school and seeing it changed all around. I had a mini meltdown and it threw me off for a couple days.

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