Change of plans, going with a Psy D

I interviewed for a PhD position and was beat out of the two spots by two guys from the masters program at Columbia. I guess that’s what happens on the world level. Someone out there is better.

I was offered a spot in rehab counseling instead but turned it down in favor of a clinical Psy D. The PhD programs weren’t funded and also in a notorious place in the nation so I was like no thanks.

So yeah I am pursuing a Psy D, have been offered admission and accepted. I recently won two awards, they’re giving me plaques- one for highest GPA in my graduating psych class and one for best undergrad research in behavioral sciences. My thesis is pretty much done and I presented it and will again at a bigger conference this weekend.

So yeah things are good. It’s 3:15 am and my iPhone woke me up with a flood warning! Now I can’t go back to sleep.

Just giving an update, hope all is well with you guys, or at least well enough.

Remember that I often think of you all when I am doing my thing, I think of how many of us wish they could do what I do, and this makes me do it. Like when I am running in the morning or studying or doing research, whatever. You guys motivate me. I often reflect on how my own endeavors are empowering to me, say I do some great work in school or finish my run really quickly or nail my strength training or all of the above and then some, it feels like I am strong and I choose to be strong because I have to show that WE are strong…and sharp…and to be heard and respected.

I might gather respect from my achievements but we all deserve it regardless.

This summer I will train one on one Krav Maga with a friend and then head to a new place for the doctoral program for at least five years. Life is worth living. I was once at rock bottom, but like a Phoenix, I rose again from ashes, at least that is what my shrink told me.

It’s not about affirmation from others. I feel fulfilled when I know I did my best and did well and good relative to my ability. Do not read my posts saying top of class this athlete that. Just see that we can and do write our own stories as best we can. See that we can overcome. See that even when we overcome, it’s a welcome to a world of possibility, not the ending to our story.

Stay strong and be well.

I hate to quote Slipknot, but “I fight for the ones who can’t fight, and if I lose, at least I tried.”

I may become a licensed shrink. I may not. I do my best and in the end, the labels and certificates don’t measure if we did our best. For some, managing life is the goal, survival is what many of us do. I respect that. I have a certain respect for that because I once lived that and it was the best I could do at the time.

Never give up what is worth doing. Judge what is worth doing and be proud of your standpoint. We as human beings are entitled to that.


Great to hear from you mouse :slight_smile: Glad everything is well!

Always inspirational! Keep up the good fight.

Psy are getting to be more acceptable. Good luck.

Good to hear from you mouse! Those 2 guys must have been really really good to be taken over you. Good luck !

Wonderful stuff! Thank you for sharing and inspiring :blush:

Best of luck with everything Mortimer