Change of med manufacturing company gives me low sex drive

I just don’t get it i am taking the same dose but from different manufacturing company and my sex drive became very low. 40% reduction… I start thinking that maybe the amount is not accurate. I put the 1mg risperdone next to 2mg and its exactly the same size the difference is in color.

I have had differences in drugs by different manufacturers. I asked my pharmacist to give me the old ones. Both of them they special order with little or no added cost to me.

I too have experienced this problem, American made drugs seem to work well uniformly but I’ve ordered pills from India and Pakistan and it gave me a different effect or didn’t work at all. I even tried using clozapine manufactured in Europe and that didn’t work either

Risperdal can increase prolactin and this can affect sex drive. Are your levels ok?

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Yes my prolectine is high but this new med from different manufacturer worsens my libido, i am slowly going to reduce the dose or change it.