Change of diagnosis PTSD-SP

Hi there. Everything in the title. My new psychiatrist changed my diagnosis to PTSD-SP (was schizophrenia before). What is the difference? How does it affect me ? Why?
Thank you.

Background: no negative or neuro cognitive symptoms. Only positive ones seasonally. Hallucinations are voices often related to my previous job or talking about my ability to perform in this job. But no flashback for me…

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The difference is that your pdoc thinks your hallucinations are primarily caused by trauma, and that working through the trauma will result in the symptoms going away. Schizophrenia tends to stay present long term and require permanent medical treatment. PTSD-SP has a better prognosis for recovery.


What does this SP stand for? Just curious,

Secondary psychosis from Googling it


Seems like a new diagnosis as I never heard of this one before. Interesting.

Not sure if it’s in their DM whatever manual yet. He just said that I was pretty much too stressed by my teaching job. I used to cry every night and do everything not to to go school and then the hallucinations started and it was all related to school…until it wasn’t anymore. But I went back to school and it still causes me anxiety to the point where I’m scared I’m gonna get another episode…