Change in weights routine?

My husband wants me to have days where I do the lightest weight, but tons of reps. Like 30 at a time for several sets. Then a couple times a week do my normal routine of building up the weight. Anybody here try that before?


I found high repetition and low weight to ineffective in building muscle mass but then women are toning their muscles rather than building muscles which men do.

3 sets of 9 repetitions doing 2 exercises of the same muscle group while resting 2 minutes between sets takes between 15-20 minutes a day. But that’s my routine.

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I usually do 6 sets of 15, except the first set I do ten reps. I increase weights as I go through sets. It takes me an hour to get through my normal routine. But I want to build up to doing more. Sitting on the couch all day everyday for several years did me no favors at all. All my muscles became very weak. So now I’m trying to get fit and strong.


Sounds good @anon21849028 . Good luck!


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