Change in weather perking me up some

It is in the upper fifties here today, and sunny and I love it! Tired out from so many errands. taking the dog to vet, two tests, shopping, and such the past couple of days. And traveled last weekend to visit my daughter. But so grateful for a little sunshine. Looking forward to easter that is my favorite holiday. Thought i’d say hi. I do believe I have a seasonal affective disorder in addition to sz. desimb

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Hi. nice weather here in California too. I’ve been on two walks today. And drove my sister to the airport. I was supposed to join a ’ support group’ today, but I didn’t make it there. I really, REALLY, want to go there. I will make it my goal to go there next week.

weather cheering up here too. took the dogs on a two mile walk to the woods. it was lovely. the ground is just starting to dry out from a week without rain. roll on tomorrow and i may try for three miles!

Oh desimb! It was 67 yesterday, now it’s 21! You’ve jinxed us! :stuck_out_tongue: