Change can really throw me

Just seen that Barclaycard will be changing how to pay for things online. You’ll either need a mobile phone to do so , and if not what they call a PINsentry card reader.

Reading about it has raised my anxiety levels . When things change I worry I won’t be able to cope with the new way of doing things.


Me too.

I also have difficulties setting things up such as I feel confused and overwhelmed about snap chat and don’t have any friends there anyway I just wanted to have it but I don’t understand it and can’t use it even if I made a friend.

New methods etc is difficult for me too.
I worry if I didn’t have someone to simplify it for me.


Maybe you can ask someone for help?
Change can be really overwhelming. Take it slow, reach out for support, and hold onto truth.

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I seriously doubt my ability to do a lot of things.

Me too.I’m 44 still I don’t know how to use smartphone.Sometimes when I call some services they tell me to download an app.I had a phone,but I gave up within three days of using it and sold it.Also,when I had to do with public services they tell me to go on internet and check it on line.I lie I don’t have internet.

I had a mobile phone I bought in 2005 . It wasn’t a smartphone. When I came here one of my granddaughters lent me an old smartphone she had. All I could master was making calls on it. The other granddaughter was having trouble with her smartphone so used the one that had been lent me. She put her SIM card in it and lost the one that was originally in it.

It amazes me how proficient people can be with their smartphones.

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It took me forever to buy a VCR, a DVD player, a CD player, then a computer, then a cell phone, then finally a smart phone. I still don’t have a modern TV. I was way, way behind times on everything. I just recently started watching movies on I never did get into cable T.V. I don’t have cable now. I never will probably.

I never did like debit cards. Never used them. I hate the overdraft fees. I always use credit cards for everything. And I pay them off in full every single month.


I pay my credit card off in full each month too. I’ve taken to using the debit card more often though .

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