Cerebrolysin for cognitive symptoms? Thoughts?

I know that Cerebrolysin is a kind of meditacion for alleviate Alzheimer symptoms, do you think it could work for us?

It is administered with syringed, would you be capable to try?

I’ve never heard about that, has it ever been used for schizophrenia? If it affects the same things in the brain maybe it could help.

It sounds pretty interesting, I’m going to do more research on it.

It’s a bit expensive, but if it helps could be good! I will do more research too. @catsrcool

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I have a feeling it would be very good for those suffering from schizophrenia, I think I’m going to try it.

This drug actually sounds very interesting, where did you learn about it? There is not much information on it.

In longecity forum there are a lot of experiences, but I think wasn’t any person with schizo, just normal pelople that want enhace their cognition, and some with some kind of cognitive impairment I think, I read it time ago.
Also in PubMed. @catsrcool

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Ah okay. There are a lot of reviews of it on Reddit too, and almost all of them say that it improved their cognitive abilities with close to no side effects. I think that’s because it comes from pig brains, so it’s basically derived from food and would be good for you.

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Look “potential of cerebrolysin in the treatment of schizophrenia PDF” in google :nerd_face: @catsrcool

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That is a very good article. I am going to try this drug and let you know how it goes. I appreciate that you posted this very much, I have very high hopes for the effectiveness of this drug for those with damaged brains.

I hope you can get a lot of help from it, and I would like you made a post with you experience, surely I will also try, we are together on this :slightly_smiling_face: @catsrcool

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Haha yes we are :smiley: I’m going to order it soon along with Piracetam and document my experience.

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Best way to try is intravenously, but it is scared and difficult :expressionless:
We would have to do intramuscular.

Yeah that’s how I would do it, in the leg. It doesn’t seem too hard.

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Alzheimer’s is caused by something very different than sz so I don’t know if that would work. Just because there is similar cognitive decline doesn’t mean the same treatments will be effective, just like a person with a bacterial infection and a virus may both have a fever, but an antibiotic won’t do jack for the one who has the virus. However the brain is weird so who knows what will help and what won’t.

The best way to treat cognitive symptoms currently found for those with sz is to be on antipsychotics which somehow prevent certain brain areas from degenerating more over time.

Scratch that, I looked it up and it’s a nootropic. There has been research on the effects of nootropics and sz, and it was found that these meds had basically no effect or benefit.

(For alzheimers they have been shown to help though, but that’s because they may help reduce toxic protein buildup in the brain that causes Alzheimer’s that is not present in sz)