"CEPO" new candidate for cognitive dysfunction


“Cepo induced differential gene expression of BDNF, VGF, Arc, TH. and neuritin in the mPFC and discrete hippocampal subfields, with strongest induction in the dorsal hippocampus. Analysis of gene-brain region-behavior interactions showed that Cepo-induced neurotrophic mechanisms influence cognitive function. Carbamoylated erythropoietin can be developed as a therapeutic neurotrophic agent to treat cognitive dysfunction in neuropsychiatric diseases. Due to its distinct mechanism of action, it is unlikely to cross react with the activity of currently prescribed small molecule drugs and can be used as an add-on biologic drug.”


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Have they mention its phase…!!! Second or pre clinical…??

Preclinical, in rodents.

From what I can gather, this medicine is an updated version of another drug which worked but could only be used in those with anemia, because it increased the production of red blood cells too much. However, it did work. So perhaps this new version will work and be safe.

You mean, all this time, there was a drug that could treat my cognitive symptoms AND my anemia?!

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According to the internet, Erythropoietin is used to treat anemia resulting from kidney failure or cancer treatment. It is a hormone.


Oh, never mind. I guess me and my defective Syrian blood will just stay mutated.