Central STate Hospital closed 2010 - I worked on this

At my previous employer, I managed a project to do reporting of the health record data from this asylum in Georgia. I had no idea at the time this was what this project was about. I recall it was one of the most stressful experiences I’ve ever had though, this is sick.

God put me there to help close the place down I’m sure. Sometimes I feel like I’m an angel.

this type of worked used to make me sick I would say, I didn’t understand why at the time, didn’t realize what the reports actually said. @sasha is a computer person like me, she’d understand.

This is sick, so I’d say I’m very normal :slight_smile:

here’s a boy in a cage from 1940


This is interesting NiceHat. Having lived in GA since I was a child, I remember this hospital. We always referred to it as Milledgeville, that is the city it’s located in. I’m curious as to what kind of health record data you obtained.

Very sad history, as I’m sure most of those hospitals had. After my son became ill, I took a renewed interest in the hospital and did a little bit of research. I could not help but envision my son in those horrid conditions. Had he been stricken with sz a few decades earlier, that is probably where he would have ended up.

There was one picture taken many years after the closing of old decrepit portions of Central State that really got to me for some reason – a toothbrush holder with toothbrushes still in it with first names below each brush. It broke my heart for those people. :cry:

Here’s a link with some pics & history.

wow, I know, I was thinking I would have ended up here with my eyes crooked, maybe never come out. this is frightening.

Thank God these places are getting closed down. Thank you for sharing this link.
There’s a weather channel video about the place too, creepy asylums.

my memories of the project were that they kept changing what they wanted, based upon the reports that were getting produced. everyone was freaking out, I didn’t understand why, I was in charge of the technology part, I didn’t see any of the reports or know exactly what was on them.

people from georgia kept saying “that’s for Milledgeville, that’s for Milledgeville…”, project was going on forever, that’s how I was assigned to it, I always cleaned up problem projects, this was one that’s mind boggling to me now that I see what was really going on - lol

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here’s the video on Milledgeville, looks like the state has been closing it down a piece at a time


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I read an article in the Atlanta Journal recently that stated during those times some people born with lazy eye and club foot were institutionalized. I was born with lazy eye (amblyopia), I guess I should be thankful I didn’t have a club foot!

Too sad to look at…those places need to be closed down, but I wish they would replace with new & better ones…and more humane.