Census 2020

Well I got my census in the mail. I always feel intruded upon. I know we have to be counted and all but it makes me feel weird. How do you feel about the census? It is cool that you can do it online. That’s probably how I’ll do mine, unless I skip it and make a census taker come out lol.

Online letter coming. Just wait.

It’s really easy to do online, and basically asks the full name, DOB, and race of everyone in your house hold. And whether you rent or own your residence.

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I got my census in the mail a few days ago. I did it online. It’s super easy to do. I finished answering the questions in less than 5minutes.

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This might be a dum question… but what’s a census???

It’s the counting of the American public every ten years.

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Ooooohhhhh okay cool

I did my census a week or two ago online. Then today I received another census letter in the mail. This online census is really screwed up. I’m not going to respond, and if a census worker comes by, I printed the confirmation from when I first took the census.


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