Cellphone screens

Is it just me or are most iPhone screens cracked. Compared to Samsung or another maker. :duck::duck::duck:


From my experience with dropping phones Androids with Gorilla Glass are more solid and more resistant. Most brand Android phones have Gorilla Glass. The back of the iphone is also made of glass so it can break more easily.


Never had a cracked screen and onto my third iphone. I do buy the hardest case I can find for them though. I do tend to be busy physically and protection really does help.

You have to get a good screen protector. If it cracks, its just the protector that cracks, then you make sure to get a new one on it before you risk dropping it again.

Ive owned lots of different iPhones during my lifetime and not once have I had trouble with the screen cracking.

Apple rig you on repairing their tech. I have never done it before but I heard it costs a ton.

iphones are legit, you just gotta get a reinforced glass screen protector if you are going to abuse it. Afterall it is a delicate electronic not a hammer

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