Celexa Side Effects?


Have you noticed any side effects from Celexa such as sexual dysfunction and weight gain? Any insight would be appreciated!


I think nearly all aps cause weight gain and sexual dysfunction. I’ve had sexual dysfunction with paliperidone for 10 months.


no not really. i think i put on a couple pounds, but nothing extreme.
what bothers me most is it makes me sweat like crazy,
tear my nails off and grind my teeth. makes me really tense.
less anxiety but more anxious habits, if that makes sense.
did you just start it?


I don’t have any side effects from Celexa. Sorry I’m no help!


It really only does me good, but maybe weight gain for the non-anorexic user.


I was a zombie on Celexa. I really had no emotions, completely apathetic. No interest in sex. No caring about anything. I didn’t care enough to even eat so I didn’t get fat on it.


Oh I see I see. Yes I took one yesterday. So far I feel great!

Thanks everyone for your input!


That is a lot of help! That’s a good sign that you didn’t have any side effects, thanks!