Celexa helping with negative symptoms of schizophrenia



I take celexa exactly for this reason. It helped me through full blown catatonia. Now I can feel emotion once again. And I regained motivation and intrest in things. And it had helped me be a little more talkative.


i just tried welbutrin for like 4 months for negative symptoms, was up to around 350mg sr. it didnt do anything really. so now im off it. still feel the same.

im going to be trying repetitive trans cranial stimulation next.

glad the citalopram worked for you!


You should try citalopram, it definitely works along side abilify to maximize it’s effect. But I don’t know if welbutrin is an ssri


I would but my pdoc refuses to prescribe any ssri because ive had severe manic episodes in the past


Oh I see, well I hope your negative symptoms improve.