Celebrity Crush

K fine, this is for you @everhopeful :wink:

Celebrity crush? I’m gonna have to think on this one…

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Haha! Kim Wilde

Goldie hawn in 1975


Dan Rather - years ago.


Jennifer Aniston:



Scarlette Johanson

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Summer Glau! More Terminator than River Tam!

Daniel Day Lewis

And Rooney Mara

Yeah, that’s right. This is celebrity crush, not reality :blush:

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Olivia Wilde and Savannah Guthrie.

Still a celebrity, just not of today.

She purrty in her soul.

Nice pic. And nice pick.


back when I did watch TV, I had a few people in my fantasies… :slight_smile:

ncis, (the tv show made me a little paranoid after a while)

everybody loves raymond, (probably gunna get my bro a dvd of that series as a late christmas gift)

Charlize Theron, hands down the best looking woman in the world ever !!


I watch Everybody Loves Raymond daily. Patricia was a babe. Peter Boyle(Frank) is an amazing actor. Really the whole cast was pretty good at comedic acting.

Benedict Cumberbatch

shes not a celebrity but I was recently reading a manga and they had this girl on the cover who I thought was attractive

My celeb crush has been Mariah Carey, especially during the 90s.

I have so many of them, my co-person refers to all of them as my girlfriends and boyfriends.

But I have longstanding crushes on Hayley Atwell and Colin Farrell.