Celebrating Jubilee Weekend

I’m throwing a Platinum Jubilee Lunch in my garden and then visiting a Scottish castle, I’ve put my kilt and everything on, hopefully it’ll be fun :slight_smile:


I’m not even sure where my kilt got to in the last move.

My parents live in a village and are part of their local community…

They have their road of houses partying in their front gardens on Sunday

That I will go to as they want me to come

Not sure I will, as they have irritated me today with their behaviour

It was on the news here yesterday evening. The big crowds in London. I’m surprised by their popularity.

Belgium is also a parliamentary monarchy, but I don’t think the royals are that popular. They remain influential in the tabloids though.

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I think the fuss is that no monarch here has ever served the country for 70 years.

There is a cool video on YouTube of the RAF flying in a ‘70’ formation. Think they were Typhoon Jets


I’m a big fan of Lizzy to the point where I can be considered a United Empire Loyalist. That is going to change once Charles is king. Massive twat, that one. I’ll probably go back to blathering on about democracy at that point.

He has been in waiting for too long. I think he should let William take over, but if he doesn’t, we’ll know how much he wanted the power.

If Charles becomes king that will suck


Prins Charles believes in Homeopathy.

I think that speaks for itself.

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It really annoys me that I can’t have you over for a cuppa because I like your thinking here.

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I had an awesome day today with my Neighbour, everything worked out perfectly (more than perfect) on the way i had to take a break 50miles in and we did a pit stop in a cafe in Perth and its was an amazing place, they were playing the whole thing on tv and had bunting, balloons, and loads more, i could share pics if you like,

We then went to the Castle and i wanted a bit of class and oh boy… it was a slapstick Comedy Opera about Figaro, very enjoyable and a completely new experience.

Then we had tea in the castle and the gift shop was awesome, i got a great book about the Castle, on the return i had to take a break and we stopped at King James bar which sits on the grounds of an ancient site, from there we went to an excellent fish/chips place.

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