Cdwithdc's help thread #2

They make me feel like i dont need my meds cause im faking it anyways. And im trying to stay busy so the bad thoughys dont turn into more than thoughts.

I think thoughts are all “fake,” in a way. So, don’t count yourself as fake. We all have bad thoughts.

The voices tell me im faking it though. And my thoughts are really bad and i have to make sure i dont act on them.

The voices don’t know what they’re talking about. You’re not faking schizophrenia.

You sure? 151515

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Relaxing at home. Saw my sister today. The laughs and smiles were bountiful.


If possible, could someone please explain the obvious about why people wouldn’t be watching and listening to me in my home, car, etc.?

I start clozapine soon :smiley: :smiley:

Weren’t you on Invega why did you switch?

I’m still gonna be on Invega Sustenna and Zyprexa, at least in the beginning.

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Looking for something to do. Suggestions?

Got my Clozapine pills from the pharmacy today. I take my first dose tonight. !!

I have to get bloodwork done every week for 6 months :weary:

I’m in a shitty mood rn. I’m meditating off and on but its not helping very much.

I’m feeling better now :slight_smile:

How you doin @Montezuma?

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Pretty good man. Just chillin after eating dinner. I think I’m addicted to seroquel haha! It really helps me sleep at night.

What have you been up to lately?

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Got prescribed Clozapine and picked it up and took it last night and the night before. Lots of blood draws! Also my sister is in the area and we get along really well, so that’s been fun.

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Nice man! Clozapine is supposed to be a really good med.

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Yea, I’m hopeful.

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