I’m a kind of person who has a lot of negative thoughts and inferiority complex. I need help to get out from my hibernation stage. I have read that some therapies like CBT and REBT are good for increasing confidence and to get out of all the irrational beliefs. So that I’m planning to consult Dr. Eliana cohen an expert therapist in Toronto ( ) for cognitive behavioral therapy. But I’m confused. What kind of therapy is good for me? CBT or REBT? Am I supposed to choose the suitable therapy for me? If so what are the criteria should be considered? Or should I let my doctor choose the therapy for me? What are the differences between CBT and REBT?

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i do cbt it has worked wonders for me :trophy:…i highly recommend it. :heart:
take care :alien:

Too many questions…very simple answer. You can have both. Great shrinks use a blend of therapies unique to each patient. I’m a sucker for rational emotive, it appeals to my narcissism and pragmatic thinking.

Albert Ellis was presented with a client who was terribly afraid of elevators.

“Oh I’m gonna die in one they break you always hear about it and they have the emergency buttons and they’re just unsafe I can’t use them!!!”

“What would happen if you died in an elevator?”

“I would fall ten stories in the thing and then be history”

“How long would that death take? Like three seconds of falling and then it’s over?”


“Well three seconds of suffering is a peaceful death, what are you afraid of again?”

Genius, he was a genius.

I think my shrink uses a lot more then just straight CBT. But the therapy I have had with CBT has helped me a lot in getting over catastrophic and negative thinking and not letting the negative voices beat me up into a depressive lump.

I’ve gotten a lot of coping skills. I know my therapist has thrown in some mindfulness and some other things into the mix… but you got to start somewhere…

Don’t over think it… good luck.