CBT is a bullshit job creation scheme for nimbys

CBT is ■■■■■■■■, you feel ■■■■ on your meds can’t get motivated, CBT isn’t make a ■■■■ of difference, your having panic attacks due to Mercury pousoning CBT isn’t going to make a ■■■■ of difference,you’ve got racing thoughts due to excess copper, CBT isn’t going to make a ■■■■ of difference, I’ve got this silly girl from my local psy centre she’s bought into all the ■■■■■■■■, she’s been on all the courses probably got a f****g useless certificate that she thinks gives her some sort of authority or know how, so tell me sweet lips why has the consultant psychiatrist left her job, I think we all know don’t you

Sorry to hear - it sounds like you’re having a difficult time right now.

My sentiments exactly. I feel you pain and I feel your anger. Tomorrow is a new day!

I’ve never tried CBT, but if a person thinks it can help why hold it against them? As a person with sz I am willing to try almost anything to get well.