Cbd vs antipsychotics

my pdoc is giving me one option: pot or meds. she says she can’t treat me if I do both, which I have been doing for the better part of my illness. so, as I am sure, against the many of you on this forum who may disagree with my decision, I am going to give cbd full access and put away the antipsychotic medication. meds have been in my life for 15 years now, and although I credit it for saving my life, maybe now is the time when I can experiment and see if cbd is a viable treatment option. I do have a lot to lose: a job that I love, my family, a few friends, and maybe my freedom. fingers crossed.

Let us know how the cbd works for you in a couple months of use

Good luck!

That sounds like an unreasonable ultimatum from your pdoc. If she really is worried about mixing pot with meds then did she at least tell you why? I’ve never had a problem with pot interacting with any meds, and if I understand correctly you have been on them for a long time without any problems?

To me it seems the best course of action would be to get a new pdoc and keep using meds. Or stop using pot but still consider getting a new pdoc. Switching meds out with CBD could be risky…


It’s not worth the risk. All those things you have are probably due to meds.

Edit: can’t you hang in there till 2017 for actual cbd meds.


This is the issue - its “Pot” vs Meds, not “Cbd vs antipsychotics” - because with pot today you really never know what you’re getting. Its not like Pot suppliers are regulated like medications providers/pharma. It could be just some dude in his garage growing weeds - and telling people - “oh sure - its high in CBD or whatever you want”

There is only one company out there (GW Pharma) really treating marijuana like a medicine and doing the tests necessary, and working to make a pill that is tested and proven. Everyone else is just a random pot grower.

Very Risky - and likely why the doctor gave you the ultimatum.


I fear if you choose to take cbd that still has thc in it you may end up worse. I think the wiser choice would be to stay on your antipsychotic and wait for cbd meds.

Thanks guys, I also think thc has healing properties as well… it gives me some Spanish eggs when I incorporate both. I’m not trying to convince you guys, just thinking of what might be best for my job and family. I might incorporate a cbd oil.

thanks for clarifying that.

My doctor told me that she would stop my adhd medication (Concerta) if i started using CBD.
But then i realized that she didnt know about using CBD as an antipsychotic. I mailed her links to several medical researches about it and she mailed me back that she will read them :smile:
Too bad CBD seems to be too pricey to actually start using it daily :frowning:
I am meetin her next week and we will probably start Sertindole(Serdolect) as a new antipsychotic for me as Olanzapine(Zyprexa) gives me negative cognitive side-effects.

Are you really risking all the good for pot?
Anyway, just to share my doctors thought about pot, you see, he told me, people who survive mental illness tend to persevere what is left of their minds and try not to harm it, especially with drugs and thats something i admire about you… Whereas, my dear, sane people who’ve never knew mental illness will live as if it does not exist and abuse drugs and all kinds of hallucinating products to get high without knowing how precious is their minds and how they should handle it with care.

The choice is yours but i strongly think you should keep with meds.

Keep well.

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Unless you can get the raw pure product , then its a bad idea to get this from pot,weed , etc


My opinion is that you’re doing just the opposite.



I would stay far away from Street Pot - I am waiting for the CBD Meds to come out, its a safer alternative.


Afterthought: My new job involves periodic drug testing because I’m responsible for the transportation of dangerous goods (bulk quantities of diesel and gasoline). Having any weed show up in a test is a firing offence. Doesn’t matter if where I smoked it was legal (e.g. Colorado), I’m still getting dismissed automatically.

All employers have to pay insurance and all insurers regard even recreation drug use as a liability. Cannot see ANY employer sanctioning your pot use (unless you work in a dispensary).


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I suspect that this is the case with marijuana also - if you calculate how much weed / cannabis / pot you’d have to smoke to get the 300 mg of CBD each day - I suspect you’d be hooked up to a hooka pipe 24 X 7 and paying $300/day.

And - you have no idea of the quality or the actual quantity of CBD in the marijuana. Who exactly does the chemical analysis on the pot? The Quality Control? Why exactly would you trust them to tell you the truth?

That is a really stupid idea. Your meds have been working, so why do you want to stop them? Just wait a couple of years until the CBD meds get released. Even if you personally know the grower, each plant will have slightly different levels, and there is no way to give yourself a consistent dosage. My brother grows his own high CBD strain and sells it, and trust me when I say it is a system that needs more oversight.

It is like trusting vitamin supplements. Some of them have nowhere near the labeled dose/ingredients. Because there is no one to do quality control and throw out the bad batches. Every product, especially organic products, have some bad crops. The dealers don’t test every batch to make sure it meets certain standards. They just sell all of it.

Thank you for your input… I don’t know what to do. I am a marijuana addict and I am a person with schizophrenia. My psychiatrist always asks me “which came first, the mental illness or the schizophrenia.” Well, the schizophrenia first of course," I thought, I had the illness prior to starting pot (thc), it just hurried my sz along. I do admit, a I have met non-dope smoking sz people, that the turn from predisposition to diagnosis, I may not have suffered as much. But that is all in the past and I require cbd and thc together to help me ebow these horrific memories. I can’t stand another minute not with cbd.

You could do your own testing by buying a cannabis testing kit: http://www.alpha-cat.org/resources/how-it-works/
I might actually try a low dose, something like 75mg CBD daily if my doctor permits it.
The main reason for me is the fact that i haven’t yet found any antipsychotic which doesn’t worsen my studying abilities.

Such a shame that CBD occurs in marijuana and not only in some harmless plant. As a former heavy pot user, it is so tempting to fool myself into thinking smoking pot is okay because of the CBD that I think might possibly->likely->definitely be in there as my cravings increase. I am even willing to ignore some details about percentages, purity, and THC rates if that justifies me smoking pot. Yeah I will probably need to do so all day cause I need this because of my schizophrenia. If I get paranoid I probably need more pot.

I have never even tried marijuana in my life, I believe in antipsychotics,

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