Cbd question?

My psychiatrist is really against me smoking maruijuanna. I see him in a few days I wonder what he’s gonna say when I ask him if he can put me on cbd. Can i get cbd on my own???

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You can get CBD on your own,

But I’d consider his opinion about it.

I tried CBD for a long time and found it to be kind of a snake oil.

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Yeah at a headshop or natural store or on the internet. Not cheap but they don’t give out prescriptions for it yet. Unless u have epilepsy it was approved recently for that in the USA. You live in Canada though right and it’s legal soon so will be easier to get then.

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Im in Canada I’ve been battling maruijuanna for 16 years since I was 14. I just can’t seem to quit for good…ya I hope Dr says I can get on cbd I hate maruijuanna

You can definitely get it on your own. In my NON medical degree view. It’s effectiveness seems to mostly lay in higher doses. 5-20mg a day can help alot of people but I expect many others will require upwards of 50mg to several hundred mg a day as adjunct. And about 1000mg a day to use as a primary antipsychotic. I haven’t seen much research on lower doses but I seen plenty showing 1000+mg works as an antipsychotic


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