Cbd oil as monotherapy

I decided to go off of my invega shot and start cbd oil daily
So far it’s working great. I’m still having a few rough spots due to weaning off of klonopin which causes my symptoms to flare up
But I’ve been about 60 days since my last shot that I was usually getting every 3 weeks at the highest dose with symptoms still. Especially at night. I’ve seen people who have tried cbd and failed but most cbd isn’t quality cbd. You have to go with a good company

I’m down to .75mg klonopin at 6 pm for now will keep you updated once I’m fully weaned off. Have an appt to check my invega levels the 20th because I’ve read conflicting reports of how long it takes for it to leave your system. 28 to 45 days is what I found but you can’t be too sure

Just wanted to share

I also started drinking matcha and taking l theanine supplements a few months ago which helps a lot too


In order to use CBD as a monotherapy, you need about 1 gram per day. That’s the minimum effective dose for it as an antipsychotic. Otherwise, you might as well be taking nothing.

Going cold turkey off the max dose of invega is pretty dangerous, also. Please speak with a psychiatrist about medical options for you. If you didn’t like invega, another med might work better. It took me some time to find the right med for me, but now I have very few side effects and I’m happy and healthy.


Please be careful. Going off an AP med alongside an AA med is pure suicide. Please talk to your doctor ASAP.

it takes like $100 worth a day of cbd to reach the dose used in clinical trials, i went off meds for cbd a few years ago and it did almost nothing for me i feel like cbds effects are almost completely placebo, stay on meds its the only thing that will keep u from relapsing down the road


CBD is just expensive snake oil,

Its not going to control your symptoms long term.

I’ve tried.

Its good for minor aches and pains,

Also some anxiety,

But not full on schizophrenia.

If it were that easy we’d all be on it.


Its effective @anon54386108 , like @ninjastar said only at a gram per day, but it would cost literally $3000 a month to efficiently use it.

Hopefully they do more trials and consider using it as an AP, I dont see it taking too long from now.

I take about 60 mg a day as needed

That’s way too low to be effective.

they received CBD (initial oral dose of 40mg reaching 1280mg/day)


In every study, they used over 1000 mg as a minimum dose. 60 will NOT treat psychosis.


It’s been working great for me I’m about a month in and it works great

Better than the invega and I consulted my doctor she said you don’t wean off the shot you just stop getting it

One month in and the invega isn’t even out of your system yet. And you’ve even said you’re getting symptoms. There’s always a honeymoon period when stopping meds. But you’ll crash and burn, just like the rest of us have.

I’ve been 2 months without my shot don’t be so negative

I’ve gotten up to a year without meds before it came back to bite me in the ass.

The timing is different for everyone,

But eventually, you’ll have to go back on real medication.

CBD oil is just not enough.

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I made it 4 months off meds and then landed in the hospital and nearly lost my job.

I’m not being negative. I’m being realistic. Every psychotic episode causes actual, physical brain damage. Schizophrenic brains show up to a 10% reduction in gray matter, which gets worse the longer it’s left untreated. At 60 mg CBD you are untreated right now. I’m trying to prevent you from permanently ruining your quality of life.


Ninjastar isn’t wrong. You need to be on a therapeutic level of CBD oil, and I really recommend always telling your doctor that you are going to go off of medication.

Please be safe bud.

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Ive semi-skimmed read this thread but Woah - BAD IDEA. You still got invega in your system - but i reckon once that goes you will be entering into a relapse if your not careful. Tried CBD myself - but as others have said its snake oil. “If it aint broke - why fix it!?” - your drugs were working and keeping you stable - i assume - so why in the hell do so many people think coming off there Aps is a Good Idea? - Its one of those things on this forum that i will never understand.


When you stop antipsychotics you feel good. It’s called the after glow. Sadly it won’t last “forever “.

Cbd could help, but from my own experience I doubt it’s helpful for schizophrenia.

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I felt good at first but I’m feeling worse…it was worth a try

Actually, if you used Infinite CBD it can cost around $32 per day. Still very high price