CBD Oil and Clozapine

Anyone have experience with this two compounds?

Anyone with experience with CBD oil for voices?

Thinking of trying CBD oil from Kats Naturals. It has no THC content. Currently on clozapine and it has helped with mood greatly.

They say the effective dosage of CBd for antipsychotic purposes is pretty high, like $60/day.


What is treatment leve dose? Kats natural Vial of CBD costs $25. That seems like a huge amount of CBd oil to take.

I tried CBD oil to treat my symptoms and it did exactly nothing,

Well, other than cost me a fortune.

$60 from the place Mr LED gets his CBD oil would be like 1000mg. That seems a bit excessive.

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Yeah, 1,000 mg is the dose that works as an antipsychotic. That sounds familiar. Hang on and I’ll rustle up some sources.

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I’ve been tempted to try CBD oil for pain and insomnia. But I’m not convinced it’d work.

patients with schizophrenia were randomized in a 1:1 ratio to receive CBD (1000 mg/day



No data available. CBD effects are mostly mediated through CB1 and CB2 receptors. CBD is metabolized likely through CYP3A4 and CYP2C19 enzymes. Clozapine effects are mediated largely through dopamine (D1 & D4 plus serotonin 5HT2 & cholinergic muscarinic receptors, too) and is processed through CYP2D6, a different enzyme. So while there is no direct data, the interaction is unlikely. It is possible that the CBD preparations are contaminated with THC by the way.

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This is interesting. It couldnt hurt to try, so long as your getting isolate. It looks like the study linked showed pretty positive results.
I’m a huge proponent of CBD! I’ve never taken anywhere close to the studies dosage, but I’m gonna try 1000/mg CBD Isolate next week.

@LED Definately try CBD! I use it for pain all the time. I even give my dog CBD tincture from the petstore when she gets wild at night and for long car trips.

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The link you shared showed some pretty good results. There’s no way I could afford 1000mg cbd/daily.

The NHS should pay for this. If it truly does work/HELP, then this should be prescribed.

How long were you trying it and at what dosage? It is well known that it could take a few weeks for an antipsychotic to take effect and it is definitely expensive

I get 400mg cbd vape juice for £20

So 1000mg equals £70 a day.

Take into account that companies need to make a profit. So it basically cbd without company profit is far cheaper.

If it were on paid prescription on the NHS it could be cheaper because there’s no company costs.

It should/could be prescribed for free.

The stuff grows on trees (literally).

It grows on trees, but the process of refining it is quite expensive. Plus, in areas where it’s legal, I believe it’s quite heavily taxed.

@thanksfortrying please call your doctor/nurse to let them know you plan on trying CBD oil. If you have an unexpected worsening of symptoms or an allergic reaction, they need to be aware that you recently altered your treatment plan.

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I will definitely talk with my physician first regarding the dosage. I live in an area where marijuana is legal and physicians are very positive towards CBD. It is actually much cheaper than the prices I just viewed online.

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