CBD in capsule form...results seen

My adult daughter had been suffering from delusions and psychotic episodes for almost year. She had to be hospitalized in September of 2016. She has been on a vast variety of AP meds… Seroquel, Depacote, Lamital, Remeron (this one has caused her to gain a lot of weight). Even after her hospitalization her multi-weekly episodes were down to maybe one episode a week. Then, in mid- October of 2016 I started her CBD capsules. They seemed to calm her mind down. I initially was buying a brand that was ok , but then I found the Stanely Brothers from Colorado and the quality of there CBD capsules was much superior, as I compared the ingredient labels.

The BEST part is that she has NOT HAD ONE EPISODE SINCE TAKING CBD’s…that is 3 months without a episode. I confided in her psychiatrist last week and he didn’t say much, but shake his head in approval of the alternative medicines. We agreed to slowly take her off the Remeron, and she is doing fine. I did increase her CBD nightly dosage to make up for the Remeron. Her desire to eat everything in sight has diminished and she definitely seems more at peace. I would take out a second job to pay for her CBD meds, especially if it meant no more AP meds. She currently takes 45 mg of quality CBD’s at night and 15-30 mg of CBD’s in the AM. I could definitely see these numbers increase as she slowly comes off of the AP meds… all with her doctors guidance. If you just google stanley brothers…charlottes web capsules.

The best part about starting to use CBD’s is knowing that the episodes have stopped… the continuing damage to her brain has stopped…she is coming back to the real world… her worrying and delusions are almost non existent.

Her results are very encouraging and I hope it helps other people to try this alternative treatment. I will continue to post as we continue this journey.


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