CBD, Illegal here

So CBD is still illegal to buy over the counter even though it has been on the market for quite some time.

I just checked the pharmacy. Apparently there are some products available on perscription. I will have to inquire about this next time I see the doc.

I would really like to try it for sleep and calmness.


Get the isolate. Don’t touch anything with thc in it


i use it for extreme anxiety and sleep when i havent slept in days

@crazydiamond444 is right make sure it doesnt have thc it could cause hallucination and paranoia

good luck it works hope you can get it


What exactly is that stuff?
Was wondering if there is anything I could use that has no THC in it or the ‘mindfcuk’ of being high
I don’t smoke any thing or want anything related to marijuana or cigs

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CBD isolate is your best bet. Gilded Extracts sells some for cheap that you can buy in bulk


CBD is great!.. As long as you find it without THC it helps with many things


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