Does anybody here get a high off CBD?

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I have smoked flower half t h c and half cbd…I liked it…it had a calming effect.

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CBD on its own shouldn’t produce a high. If you’re getting buzzed that means there’s THC in your product (or possibly fentanyl if your source is shady).

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cbd isolate, no high. full spectrum cbd such as hemp flower contains thc (and usually more than advertised) and can definitely get you high if you dont have a thc tolerance and for me can even increase psychosis symptoms the same way weed does


It’s from Cheef Botanicals.

Get CBD isolate crystals or gummies. If you don’t get a high then your hemp has THC.

I just ordered a five pack of CBD joints.

I Never Got “high” Off of Any CBD.

I Grabbed a Small Bag of Gummies About Two Weeks Ago.

Like $8.00 For a Small Bag.

But!, I Was Slightly Excited.

Ate The Entire Bag, Got Relaxed, And Somehow Slipped into The Bed And Passed Out.

The Wakeup Was Unlike THC. The Fresh, Reborn Feeling Wasn’t There.

(Only Smoke Marijuana if it Legal).

But I Rested Well Off of The Gummy’s.

Kinda Wish They Weren’t So Expensive.

But!, If They Were Really Cheap, People Would Buy Them in Bulk And Probably Overdose on Happy Gummy Bears.

Well. That’s Probably Impossible. But!, I’m Sure There is Some Serious Negative to it.


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I’ve used canna comforts and black tie cbd, no high but it helps me with pain, anxiety and nightmares. But everyone is different. Even multivitamins have side effects just gotta be mindful and careful.

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are you trying to get high off cbd? if so that will not happen.

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