CBD and positive symptoms

Anyone use cbd for positive symptoms?

I find CBD useful for chronic pain and weightloss. I haven’t really felt it helps with anything else.

I did find an article the other day about CBD. Apparently it has a similar effect as grapefruit - and it’s not recommended you take it with antidepressants or anti psychotics.

Don’t think I can post the link yet as I’m technically new here, but it may be worth researching?

I think that @Tulane has been successful with this

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Maybe, I’d be worried about trace amounts of THC, that stuff is poison for SZ.

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I use cbd gummies also containing thc, they do not improve positive symptoms. i did try buying cbd flower online and it was a scam lol. 30 through venmo i’m stupid.

Does it work for anxiety?

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I tried CBD for my positive symptoms.

It was good CBD and I gave it about a month of high doses.

For the first couple days,

I slept better and had less body aches.

Then that went away and I felt like I was taking sugar pills.

I do think it works for some things,

But it’s a modern snake oil.

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My shrink said just use regular weed if your gonna, because of the waste

i’m not sure i don’t have anxiety. my doctor said it can be described as stress
or worry

i think i might throw the rest of the gummies away i would describe them as posion too.

I use the flower and it helps a lot. Didn’t have much luck with the oils, tinctures, gummies, or anything else.

I’m not sure if it helps with positive symptoms, though, but negative symptoms and anxiety, mood, stress, depression – yes.

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