Cause of sz

Every since I was diagnosed with sz I was perplexed about why the researchers couldn’t find the cause of this condition. Well it seems that the researchers at the Broad Institute have made great progress recently. Something about the c4 gene. Check it out at the Broad website. Exciting stuff!

Like the doctors say " Prevention is the best medicine"… Unless they discover how to regrow any damaged or undeveloped parts of our brains with some kind of stem cell regeneration.

For those of you who are acadeically inclined or just have a great deal of scientific understanding the paper is in the January 27th edition of the Nature magazine. That is the research into the cause of sz!

So it’s not just bad parenting? Shockah!



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I deeply believe the M.I. light switch in my head is genetic.

My Grandfather… my Uncle… one of my Cousins… Me… my brothers…

I was raised in a fairly stable home… with parents who are nice people.

Yet… the head circus came to town anyway.