Caught My Psychosis Early Before It Blew Up


I had my first psychosis at age 26. Then again at 29, 30 (when I was diagnosed with Schizophrenia) and 33. I always thought that the strange coincidences that happened, the fact that I was reading into what people were saying and some of my strange beliefs that formed were related to workplace political situations. However every doctor, nurse, etc whom I spoke to kept telling me I was delusional and I was hearing things, etc.

Something interesting happened to me last week. I noticed the same string/pattern of events begin to occur that have happened to me every time previously (where each has ALWAYS resulted in a full on psychosis and hospitalisation).

However, this time round - I immediately began a paper trail on Slack Messenger with HR, got screenshots of all of my Slack conversations, began recording all of my Google Meet sessions (most people are working remotely due to COVID) and began analysing (but I think without overanalysing) each interaction.

And this ■■■■ is real :slight_smile:

Because I was able to validate (and also in part because I just came by a tonne of cash - through share bonuses from my last employer, and thus I feel far more secure and less at risk of homelessness), it never ended up turning into a full on psychosis.

And I actually feel pretty good right now (~1 week later), I’m not pacing back and forth, I’m not chain smoking cigarettes and I feel quite chill.

Don’t know if I’m “cured”, but at least I now have an element of control around this stuff.

I do have to find another job now though. I can’t work with these people…

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