Caught a chill on my back overnight


I slept with the electric blanket on. Must have gotten too hot because when I woke I had kicked my covers off.

Must have caught a chill on my back because it is all seized up this morning. Mum is getting me some ibuprofen.


I just found the space heater, using it in my room, I used to make it real warm during winter and sweat through my sheets any night I wanted.

They’re great.

I just woke up around 4am, gonna try and open the window so I can cool down, then get more sleep.

Space heaters are pretty cool. Electric blankets are a bit too hot for my liking :worried:

I really love space heaters! Otherwise wearing warm pajamas is an option, though I usually sleep in the buff because the clothing I wear are ill fitting and not breathable, I wake up with seam marks everywhere.

Other issue is sweating through clothing and bedding, esp on antipsychotics which make you sweat, everything eventually begins to smell like me and I have an aura. I don’t feel confident if I think the clothing I’m wearing smells like BO and…self love…in public, but I’m just anal like that.

So its usually on and off then into the hamper.


Thank god I live in Florida, it’s like 70 here


It’s raining an ass ton here :cold_sweat:. But it’s 50 ish. I love the cold. I’m in a tank and shorts, but I am cooking :rofl:


Hope the ibuprofin works and your back gets better @Jimbob!


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