🐯 Cats! CATS! catscatscats THIS IS A THREAD FOR CATS




Thank you. You just made my day. Haha.



Well, just got back from the vet with Lola again. They found something wrong with her kidneys, liver, gallbladder, spleen, lymph nodes, intestines, pancreas, and adrenal glands. A little overwhelming. We’ll find out more in a few days, after some more tests results come back. Right now she’s in good spirits.


LOOOOL that one should be in the memes


Paradoxically cute and ugly at the same time! :grin:


I dreamt about my Kyo last night. She died of a stroke a few years ago, and I took it pretty rough. She was my cat-baby.
Intelligent and cuddly and super friendly.
I’d raised her since she was super little.


I lost muffin a few years ago. I kept seeing her, hearing her, for months. I just really missed her. Sorry for your loss.


Trying to make a sandwich in my house.


A cat sammich? Lol


Funny!! :laughing:


Calliope the Cat a.k.a.

  • Miss Murple
  • Nip Hitter
  • Butt Nugget
  • Fuzzbeast
  • Monkey
  • String Sl_ut (she REALLY likes playing with string)
  • Yodeling Wet Cat Food Junkie
  • PAK2 (Punk Ass Kat 2.0)


Does coat type (tuxedo, calico, all white, etc.) have any impact on personality? The last cat we had, which we ended up giving to our grandmother (she loves her a lot) is a tortoiseshell and she definitely has “tortitude.”

The tuxedo cat we had sat on our laps all the time.


How cute. Love all the nicknames.


Our cat is called,
Lol she is just one gorgeous baby


Garret aka FG, Monsieur, and Honey Bunny Bear. When this photo was taken, he was squirming and refusing to take a picture. I picked him up and said, would you pleeeeaaasseee take one nice photo for Mommy? This is it. He took this one and walked away. It’s my favorite photo of him ever.


Lynxy is a ferocious hunter, but this winter he hasn’t been able to find any prey for us, so he’s been bringing gifts of leaves! It’s the cutest thing ever! He is very proud of himself and we are praising him, in the hope that he makes the change permanent.


Lol once Tink Tink was making a muffled meow sound outside the door, and of course my mom assumed that something was wrong… Imagine her surprise when she opened the door to find Tink Tink standing proudly with a snake in her mouth. My mom screamed bloody murder, lol.


@TheCircleOfFifths my brother has a really old cat that says ooooowwwwww instead of meow. Too cute


My other kitty, Mondo, lounging in bed. :heart_eyes:


Ginger lounging around: