Catching up With Friends

So caught up with some friends today up the coast. Really is a magical place and where the promised land was in the Mad Max movies…The Sunshine Coast. Anyways we went to this crazy industrial estate…just out a bit from the residential areas to a boutique brewery.

Like this place is in this tilt slab industrial workplace with a brewery out the front and a bar/eatery out the back. It was very interesting and was quite popular on a regular wed lunch. Had to drive so had a couple of their midstrength pots…really nice brew. Tried a mouthfull of the other lads and a lot of fruity beers I’m not a fan of…Anyways. Had lunch which was a waghu beef burger. Was like rare and not a fan of that. STill. Tasted ok and it was good to catch up with my 3 other friends. Need to do these things more often…

Mind you this is a pic of my friends deck. It shows an Island in the backgrounds northern end where I spent the first 12 years of my life. The water was a lot more blue/green than the photo does justice but still a paradise…


Looks cool and sounds like you had a lot of fun. I stayed up late playing games and now I am exhuasted at work got 3hrs and 30 minutes sleep


Sleep is good matey. Have some coffee but don’t overdo it. Work is a necessary evil for a lot I’m afraid.

I had two energy drinks today already, gonna crash when I get home and sleep. I also did an application for a new department and role I am looking to get into. Its for Amazon Web Services

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Sounds good matey. Hope it all works out for you. Get through today and get a good sleep in. Gawd. On zyprexa I’m happy to sleep 7 hours these days. Was doing 10…4 or less I don’t think I could actually do…

Does your friend live at Caloundra? The photo you posted looks familiar…i live on the Sunshine Coast.

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haha…yeah around between Kings beach and Golden beach…is that Moffat beach up to the left? Magical part of the country. I do love Caloundra but was being a bit sheepish for privacy reasons. I lived on bribie in my early years and we holidayed up Caloundra. Love the place. Went up to Kawana to the brewery. Haven’t been that far for a while.

Glad you had a good time @rogueone!

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I’ve been to the sunshine coast once, but I was quite young. Beautiful place!

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