Catch up with a friend

Since I started running a QQ group five years ago, I rarely met friends in reality, because the friendship that is cultivated through QQ group is more fulfilling. However my husband arranged a gathering of friends at a restaurant last weekend. So I finally met with my best friend and had some nice chating.

This friend is a chief offcier at the local government. I usually don’t like those people who work at Chineses governments because of the rotten bureaucratic culture. To my surprise she turned out to be a nice person with some integrity. She is now in charge of the local women’s association and is working dedicatedly for the interests of Chinese women.

I felt relieved to find some integrity in my friend.


Right on. :+1:

It’s good to have friends with good character and integrity.

I hope you’re well. :sunflower:

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Very cool. I try and catch up with friends regularly these days. Have a few who are unemployed and retired like me. Always good to catch up with a friend and glad you had a good time.


I’m glad you have a good friend. So much of life is better when you at least have one good friend

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