Catch 22 - Smoking

Australia has the highest taxes on cigarettes in the world. The people suffering the most because of it is the mentally ill. I’m spending like 1/3 of my Disability on smokes. I really can’t afford it. It’s about the only thing keeping me going at the moment

Support wise case workers, Tdocs etc have been saying now and for years it’s not the right time to quit. The issues there are so many projects that need money. Even basics like clothes as have lost 50kg (about 110 stone) Since Nov.

I’ve sort of been preparing for the time. Reading idiot’s guide to quitting smoking, Allen Carr’s easyway to stop smoking. Trying to get into some stop smoking program’s… I’m also very aware I’m trying to fly at the moment while I’m still learning to crawl. It’s a case of so much has to start changing in my life.

Money is the real issue. Getting back to work is one answer. Which I’m trying to do . Getting more experience in the
field I want to get into is resulting to volunteering work which means no extra money coming in at least for awhile.

This is driving me nuts today.

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those that are mentally ill should get cigarettes prescribed to us…


Hey dream. You tried ecigs? They have saved me loads of money.


I second that on ecigs, they save me a small fortune.


Same here, I’m in Australia and use e cigs if you live in my city I can point you to a store that can help you get set up.

Also check out

You just need to import the liquid with nicotine as of course in our nanny state you can’t buy nicotine in AU.

I can help you get set up if you want.

I used to smoke a pack a day now I vape and I have saved thousands


the best thing would be if you could quit altogether, but instead of that ecigs are a lot cheaper than regular smokes, or instead of that getting roll-you-own tobacco is much cheaper than packets of cigs.

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I say don’t quit nicotine until you are what a tenured professor? lol

But really, the above are all on the right track, vapes are cheaper and cannot be as bad as tobacco. Gum is the safest alternative, but no nicotine is safest.

I would keep it real and use a vape. Vapes are more convenient for indoors, too. I used to smoke a pack and a half per day…now I vape at home, especially in the early mornings, and use gum or lozenges as much as I can to avoid the vape.

So yeah, vapes are the best realistic option.


I agree with the e cigs too. They def save money…lots. You can even buy the nicotine VG and flavouring and mix your own liquid which saves even more money.

To give an example. I buy a big batch worth £45. And it lasts me 3 months…but mixing my own. Thats £15 a month roughly £4 a week on liquid.

6 atomizers roughly 20 pounds… I go through maybe one a week.

There is cold turkey. But I enjoy nicotine. Vaping is relaxing to me. And also fun.

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I used to smoke cheap cigars…they were pretty much cigarettes but 2.50 a pack. But they were less healthy than real cigs. But I smoked em for 5 years. Now I use an e cig saves me just as much $

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I managed to quit smoking several years ago.

You could have a jar or pig bank that you put a golden coin or more into on every smoke free day.
After a week with out smokes you could treat yourself to a massage or save the money or celebrate by having nice coffee out or lunch.

Because you dont have the extra money to spare acupuncture would be to expensive but some say it helps.
You could save and invest.
I met a person once who hypnotised people to quit smoking.

Theres quiet a few different methods.
I guess you may feel what feels right for you and if you are ready to quit.

Its lovely to have the extra money and be smoke free.
I remember being a smoker on the doll and not affording to buy milk even because i bought ciggaretes first.

Also people can smell your natural smell or perfume.

when you decide you can ask for support and help.
Talk to your gp and make a quit smoking plan together perhaps.

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Was under the impression they where illegal in Australia. If @Pamito is getting them maybe not. I’ll have to start asking and looking.

Also a smoker here who is hurting from the new tax on cigs, now almost $10 a pack, and its about a pack per day for me, sometimes i can stretch it to 2 or 2 1/2 days if im not stressed. I would like to quit but i really enjoy smoking. The whole habitual routine of it is as relaxing as actually smoking for me. How do i quit something i enjoy? If ididnt like it anymore i could prob quit in 2 days. How do i retrain myself not to like it anymore?

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Found out it is illegal to sell but not to buy. Does mean I can get it over the net at any rate.

I think I read something about being a conscious smoker and that that automatically makes one smoke less.
I think when i smoked only one cigg a day is when i may of enjoyed it the most.
The book i read that mentioned smoking was “perfect health” by Deepak Chopra.

Its cheaper and a lot of the ciggs you smoke might be part of "reward system " etc and you might not actually be enjoying all those smokes.