Cat vs Dinosaur -- BFFs (formerly Flame's Raptor Noises thread)

Short quick deep double chirps… its prolly not raptors… but i couldnt tell if it was a real night time noise or an audible hallucination. I guess a good part of Jurassic parks dino noises were taking from nature i can look up if its a natural sounding noise…

Ahahaha… the raptor bark…is tortoises mating… im pretty sure it was just an audible hallucination… lol

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Unless…thats just what the raptors want me to think… they almost got me with that one…

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The ole cat vs dinosaur video to lull me into believing the raptors well placed online misinformation about raptor noises ploy eh? …lol

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Ha! I just changed the thread title to Cat vs Dinosaur to get more clicks! :upside_down_face:

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Lol im just happy that raptor noises are pretty much impossible for tn… take that brain…

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You’d be surprised at the strange noises wild animals and birds make and it’s difficult to figure out what is making the strange noise, especially if it’s at night.

There’s some sort of nocturnal bird that flies overhead sometimes when I take my little dog out at night for her potty walks. To this day, I’m not sure what it is despite trying to catch a glimpse of it with a high power flashlight a couple of times.

It has this weird rhythmic sound when flying overhead (it sounds sorta like creaking squeaky wheels or gears) and it’s fairly large cause I’ve caught a glimpse of it flying overhead at night but I never have my flashlight handy to get a good look. I googled it and it is possible it’s a night heron.

It has such a mechanical sound to it I even briefly thought it might be a drone or something, but drones are actually pretty quiet and don’t sound like a squeaky gate. Maybe the squeaky sound is the heron saying “look it’s that little dog again” in the squeaky heron bird language. :smile:


Theres a bird i heard in texas… it sounds like toothless fireball charge up sound from how to train your dragon. Its a cool noise… kinda weird to hear it in nature after holywood has used it for fantasy sound effects…

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