CAT SCAN of chest and thoracic region

I had a couple of CAT SCANS done on my chest and thoracic region done in the ER in 2016 when I collapsed and became semi conscious in the psych hospital.

I just got access to the results today.

Apparently I’m pretty messed up health wise.

I’ve got an atherosclerotic aorta.

I have a pretty large nodule growing on my thyroid.

I have renal cysts.

And I have a collapsed lung.

Don’t know what to make of these results but they can’t be good.

I may go over these results with my family doctor.

Don’t know why the doctors in the ER didn’t bring up these results with me five years ago.

Probably because I was just another useless mental patient to them.

Makes me angry.


surely you don’t have a collapsed lung…you would be dead…!! check these out with your doctor instead of making assumptions please…I don’t think this is serious…couldn’t be …they would have to tell you…patient or not.

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A collapsed lung is…you would DEFINITELY know it. My brother had one and got winded taking like 3 steps. He had to get a tube stabbed into his chest for 3 days.

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@jukebox @ninjastar the results said that it was mild but that one of my lungs was lowered.

Maybe I’m reading into it wrong.
Obviously I’m not a doctor, but I will have my family doctor take a look at these results.

Thanks guys.

That’s a really good idea. If they had been ignoring all that for 5 years they did something very wrong.

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