Cat in the hall way

Don’t know which apt he belongs too. Gonzo caught a glimpse of him and now he won’t shut up or quit hovering around the door.

Your lucky to have your own place? You on Ssdi, and still afford this lifestyle?

Yeah I get some money from the folks as well. Just barely enough but I’ll stay afloat until I get back to working.

Your going to go back into society unmedicated??? Hate to be a downer, but good luck!

Uhhhhh yeah man. It’s no different. I have learned to truly not give a ■■■■ about anything. I should be alright.

Paddling upstream, but hey, that’s where all the fish are.

Especially if you’re on POF, all the guys go fishing for women.

You never know, a great catch is within reach.

Good ■■■■■■■ luck! It’s a nightmare, tried it.
Maybe you can do it, but if your telepathy ■■■■ is like mine. Your going to hate it.

Sorry again for the depressing thoughts.
Smooches :kissing_closed_eyes:

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I don’t even know what your talking about, but it sounds sexual…

Not man I run silent for longer and longer periods of time

keeps everything quiet. lets me forget the whole mess

No, just the life without meds.

If you do it, you need support.

It can come in many ways.

I need a country home and my own gym. I could do it in isolation. I also love working out unmedicated. So if I had a place in the middle of no where with a gym, where I could be crazy on my own little farm. I could do it.

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I will support you and be more positive. Go Bryan!!! You can do this bro.

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Oh I know. I’m going too.

it’s just going to take time.