Casino alien

When an interdimensional appears to a person it appears a certain way.

Like an animatory experience basically.

Real but not real as well.

I don’t know what trealm we are in but it is overlapping with all of them.

All the old peoples could say is we were crazy.

So, at the casino the other night something that could only be called an alien, or at least appeared to resemble the thing people have called an alien, did appear to me.

It’s not like it used to be when they appeared. It’s becoming kind of normal for me although you never really get used to it. Tlhere is always a high jolt of fear and awe from their obvious intelligences and power.

I can’t survive though. I was thrown out and I can’t make it. I’ve gone over every option and it is just unlikely I will survive now.

And you’ll see, you’ll all get to see my family and what they really are and have done to me. They are like a horror movie.


Can you get yourself to a hospital? Explain to them what’s happened. Ask them for meds and ask them for help finding somewhere to stay.

I don’t know how things work in the USA.


Would have been better if you won the jackpot I bet

They’ll take him and help him then slap him with a hefty hefty hospital bill he probably won’t be able to pay unfortunately. That’s how it works in the US :disappointed:

Pan you’re making no sense buddy. If you don’t want to go to your family for help fine but go to SOMEONE. I know you know you aren’t well because you’re on here.

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Are you on the street @pansdisease?

If he’s indigent, it doesn’t matter. If he has nothing they can take nothing, and it is illegal for debt collectors to garnish social security or disability payments.


Worried it could wind him up in jail. Though maybe that would even be better than on the streets I don’t know :disappointed::disappointed:

Staying on the streets or acting out on delusions could definitely end in jail.

Going to the hospital won’t, so long as he’s not violent towards anyone there.

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Yeah, I think hospitals also have social workers on staff that hopefully can help find some sort of housing, homeless shelter and social services.


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Pre apocalyptic homeless shelters and social services, nope.

■■■■ ya!

I know I must leave this plain of existence, but like it said, let’s take our sweet little time about it.

I hate to say it but I hope some nice policeman finds you and takes you to the hospital. Im worried about you, you dont seem at all well.

Im glad the police officers took me to the hospital. Not that it was fun at the time but it all ended well.