Cash or Medication

If your doctor offered you £800 / $1000 cash every month or your medication, which one would you choose?
I would choose medication, because my brain doesn’t let me sleep and the obsessive thoughts in my head are intolerable without medication.

Medication, although I can’t sleep right now because Mrs. Pixel was is snoring like something else these days. Sounded like a moose during rutting season last night. Now I understand why folks sleep in separate bedrooms as they age.

Anyhow, I can earn a lot more than the amount of cash mentioned if my cheese is on my cracker. I need meds for that.

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Cash because my medication is cheaper than that anyway.

I would take 3 months of medication, but I would only take them 50% of the time. I’d stockpile the rest. Then, for the next 3 months, I’d collect 3,000 dollars and take the remainder of the 50% as medicine, thus using up my stockpile. Repeat cycle. Assuming pills, but I take injectables now…
That is my solution to your riddle!

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If you chose the cash over medication would you use the cash wisely , or would your brain be so scrambled through lack of medication that you misspent the cash?

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Medication. Money’s no good if you’re so convinced they’re trying to kill you that you can’t leave the safety of your closet.

Medication because I’d be really unwell if not for my meds.

I’m sure Mrs. Pixel loves it when you tell people this!

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