Case Worker at SSA is trying to get me denied

I have been waiting for almost 2 and a half years to get my SSI back. Ive been approved medically but the last step is a phone call where they will verify that i have no money or income. I had an appointment scheduled for the 19th, she didnt call. I called and left her a message. She didnt return my call. I got a paper changing the appointment to today. She didnt call. I sat and watched that phone. She def didnt call. I called the office and they called her and she told them she called me twice and i didnt answer.

I know she is doing this intentionally because she was very rude to me when we talked over 2 years ago. And other reviews on the local social security admins website also say the same thing im saying.

Oh and to top it off, they are all still working from home so i cant even request an in person appt or take in proof of lack of income to the office and there is no proof she called or didnt call.


@irrelevant I was in a state psych institution when I was approved for SSDI. For different reasons I kept missing phone calls for my SSDI while there but they approved me nonetheless.

It is frustrating. I won’t say too much about my experiences because I realize that I’m being watched and more I can’t talk about here. Anyway, I hope you have better luck with your phone appointments. Best wishes to you!

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i hope it will be ok. i called the national SSA and she told me exactly how to write an official letter to send to them in response to their letter asking for bank statements. im gonna fax it and maybe certify mail it. she said it will be ok but idk. the letter i got says if we dont talk to u by the 13th, then we may deny ur application.

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@irrelevant I really hope it will be ok for you too. It sounds like you are doing all the right things and are on top of things. That’s really good.

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