Carrying on the traditions

who is your family pushes for traditional meals more you or themwho is your family decorate some more for traditional holidays you or themdo some holidays mean more the others do you skip a holiday what holiday do you find your self traveling the mostdo you feel that you hold up traditions quite well or quite poorly

My family was not so big on traditional meals, we usually ate our supper in front of the TV, but nowadays my husband and I sit down and eat together.
When I was Christian, I was big on Christmas decorating and celebrations with my family. Now as a Muslim, it is the two Eid holidays with my husband’s family - we go to his parents’ house and lots of people visit and there is a big lunch with lots of guests.

Actually, I’m the sentimental one. I’ve had so many roller coaster years, I’m the one who tries for as much normal and traditional as I can. I don’t always manage it, but I do like it when it happens.

I crave stability these days.

My family was big and we celebrated many holidays together. My parents are gone now. One of my sisters is too. Her kids still celebrate, but they don’t invite me because I have schizophrenia. My other sister is supportive and invites me, but she is too far away.

When I was young my mother converted to a religion that basically threw every tradition out the window. It really sucked. I spent some time living with my aunt and we celebrated holidays together. She’d even go as far as making me a large Easter basket full of candy each year even when I was well into my 30s. :smile: