Cariprazine problems and musical ability

Hi , I have some problems with my meds, cariprazine to be exact. It seems cariprazine has much effect on my nervous system and not in a good way.
I play a lot of guitar and music is very important to me. Ever since they put me on cariprazine I can barely hold a guitar pick between my fingers and sometimes can’t even play on beat…
it is making me very depressed not being able to play.
I have tried a lot of supplements but nothing seems to work…
anyone else experienced similair problems ?


Ive never been very good at playing fast but I feel like antipsychotics make that even harder - but I accept that.
In terms of things like holding a pick and playing simple things to a metronome - that sounds like really problematic and something you need to address directly. Like if you cant hold a pick to play how can you write with a pen or use a mouse etc? I would tell whoever prescribed it to you this and see if they offer you any other drugs.

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My hearing pitch and motor skills are intact. I take abilify.

My ability to enjoy music has been dampened though.

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I have tried talking with my doctor but she doesnt think these are good enough reasons to switch meds. So im trying to think of other things to say…
Any suggestions on what to say to convince her ?