Caring too much about others and even the world

As much as I try to lighten up and not carry the weight of the world on my shoulders, I can’t shake the feeling that maybe in another 20 or 30 years, there’ll be almost nothing left of humanity. I try not to read too much news, but it’s as though it’s even happening in my personal life. At it’s core, I’m probably just afraid of dying. I mean it is going to happen, so what am I so afraid of? I just wish I wasn’t so sensitive about it.

I used to be like that, now I’ve gone to the opposite extreme I think. The only advice I can give you is stop watching the news. It sounds like it might be putting you in a bad place.

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Interesting thing about the news. When things go right it’s almost never the top headlines. Imagine the following newscast:
It snowed this morning but the roads were quickly cleared with no accidents. The central hearing units worked everywhere in the city and there were no fires. In the World all the ceasefires held in the warzones and the majority of the World was not even at war. No terrorism occurred either. Elsewhere in the World marriages happened, babies were born without defects. and a person with schizophrenia earned her PHD at Harvard. More details at 11.
Do you think that the ratings for that newscast would be high?

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I’d watch the **** out of that though.

… well at least compared to how I watch the regular news.

It’s not worth caring about what you can’t control.