Caring for aging parents

I’ve lived with at least one parent most of my life. I went away for college and moved in briefly with an ex. I’m thinking of moving now that both mom & dad are retired and at home. I’ve transitioned into more of a caregiver role, mostly with technical stuff and making repairs around the house.

My concern is if I were to move, my parents will feel lonely given the less than flattering discourse I’ve observed. I wouldn’t move far, 25 miles away at the most. I’m financially stable and will work part-time (once quarantine lets up) and receive disability income. Have you been in a similar situation? What did you do? How did it turn out?


I still live with dad and it’s kinda a thing about debt for me. They helped me when I lived overseas so I repay the favor and help dad run the household. Saying that. Your own place would be nice if you can do it and half an hour away isn’t too bad. You’d still be able to visit and help them out as well. I think there are plus’ for both things but some freedom for you could be good.


im 44 and have always lived with my parents…theyre both in theri 70’s now so im there for them, especially with all the covid 19 crap

I moved away recently and it has worked well, Same kind of distance as you
I did have a place i lived with my husband but I needed to move because my reliance on her was so complete
I’m useless at helping her which is she shameful but i do some stuff
Also I moved away from my sister who lives with her, psychotic alcoholic for 7 years with the blinds closed and shouting abuse every day till 6 months ago when she stopped drinking and using drugs
It’s a huge step but she is now left with no alternative than schizophrenia non compliant and committed to suicide
Sorry to share so much
I needed to know I was capable of not living attached to my mums apron strings
It’s successful for me and husbands work
I’m being as supportive as I can but lockdown has been terrible for her
I’m her only source of support
I think 25 miles is doable
That kind of distance you can go a couple of times a week to see them, stay over sometimes, they would love you to I’m sure

I had my mom live with me for a while. It was rough. She had me doing everything for her including bathing. She was disabled but could do stuff for herself just liked being cared for. When I got pregnant my husband put a stop to me doing everything for her and she got mad and moved. She got so bad from not taking care of her own self that she died a year later.

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