Carers allowance

sometimes what one person says another person says different,

i had been looking up some things online and did a few tests and i thought i understood something and even phoned someone up for confirmation (talking about carers allowance) but i ended up going to the advice centre anyway just to make sure.

the woman told me not to do anything, she said i was on the most a person could get and that i couldn’t possibly get any more which was contrary to what everyone else was saying which made me feel pretty stupid,

anyway sweep and i filled out the form online earlier that day and sent it in so we are left wondering what will happen. the woman at the advice centre said they would just get rejected or they would be overlapping or underlying benefits, its so hard to know who to believe :frowning:

you also need to ask why the benefits calculator for is not working from the very night i started looking? suspiscious? and what is going to happen with things now that ATOS is leaving, it is a relief i think that they’re leaving tho and i think things will be a lot fairer now for everybody (i hope)

The government… any government is always red tape and mixed messages. It’s hard to get everyone on the same page with the same chart. Be patient and if you can find a benefits counselor or an advocate, you might have better luck.

good luck… paper work makes me want to pull my hair out.

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i ended up phoning this morning about it and i spoke to the people that deal directly with people about this benefit and i phoned twice and i asked every question i could think of and i dont think they would both lie to me because they have nothing to gain from it,

anyway these two advisers stressed that if i went for this benefit i would not lose anything and i would actually gain an extra £35 p/w so i am going to go against the woman at the advice centre as she must have a bee in her bonnet over something and i guess the rest is in gods hands now lol i just have to trust these people to treat me properly at the benefits agency…

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if i remember correctly if i were to get carers allowance for my daughter, it would b taken off of my e.s.a so there was no point in applying for it. i don’t know of that has changed or not.