Careless about cooking

After forgetting to turn out the flame on the stove twice in a row, my provider has declared I am unfit to use the stove without being watched. That’s ok with me. I have been aware of my problems with fire for some time, so it is like my being a child and needing guidance.

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I’m 30 and my pops still gives me crap about my cooking.

I’m not a bad cook either.


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I can cook a delicious quiche without thinking at all. I’ve done it a lot. It keeps well in the fridge, if you make it spicy enough, you just heat it up for breakfast, lunch and supper.

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I have burnt some but seems to nail it now.

Twice now I burned grilled cheese sandwiches. My mind was just wandering and I forgot about them. Grr


i don’t use the stove alone either… i am always scared i will black out and forget about it… so i only use it when somebody is here and if i really have to…

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